Technology to Aid in Catching West Virginia Motorists Without Auto Insurance

Hand on steering wheelUninsured motorists in West Virginia could experience greater difficulty in getting away with driving without coverage soon, as the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles has announced that it is one step closer to implementing an electronic coverage verification system.

Legislation signed into law earlier this year lays the groundwork for setting up the system and will require a verification to be performed upon registration and renewal of a vehicle, as well as regular checks with insurers to identify drivers who have dropped coverage. The new law also allows police to quickly verify proof of insurance when a driver is pulled over for a traffic violation.

Last week, the state DMV announced that it is currently looking for partners to assist in setting up the verification system, which it expects to be operational by 2013.

State Sen. John Unger says the verification process may ultimately lead to lower premiums for consumers.

“This legislation allows DMV to replace antiquated and somewhat ineffective paper-based insurance verification processes by utilizing leading-edge technology in use in some other states,” said Unger. “This could help bring West Virginia car insurance premiums down in line with the surrounding states, which would result in a savings to West Virginia citizens.”

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners says the average coverage expenditure in West Virginia was $819 in 2007.

The uninsured motorist rate in West Virginia has been estimated to be low in relation to other states. The Insurance Research Council estimated that it was 8 percent in 2007.

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