Conn. Insurance Regulators Report Millions of Dollars in Recoveries

State insurance regulators announced Monday that they helped Connecticut consumers recover almost $2.4 million from their insurers in the first half of 2011.

Accident and health claims accounted for the largest share—about 37 percent—of the recoveries, which are the result of the state insurance department’s investigating complaints against providers and resolving disputes.

Complaints involving auto coverage led to more than $180,000 being recovered, the fifth-highest sum returned to policyholders. Car coverage recoveries accounted for about 7 percent of the total, which is down from 2010, when 28 percent of the amount recovered by regulators were on the behalf of auto policyholders.

“Our Consumer Affairs Unit helps thousands of policyholders every year resolve disputes with their carriers, navigate the claims process or just simply get answers to their insurance-related questions,” Commissioner Thomas B. Leonardi said in a news release.

Connecticut flagThe department fielded more than 3,500 complaints in the first six months of the year and closed 3,131 of them.

The recouped funds fell across multiple claim categories:

–Accident and health: $888,016

–Homeowners and farmers: $618,514

–General liability: $345,480

–Fire and related coverage: $249,114

–Auto: $182, 190

–Miscellaneous: $17,238

— Life, Annuities – $90,196

Connecticut regulators recovered $3.4 million for consumers in 2010, according to the department, with $967,000 going to auto policyholders. The average recovery amount for those complaints was more than $5,000.

Leonardi urged residents with concerns about their policies to contact his office.

Like their counterparts in most other states, Connecticut regulators keep updated information on which providers draw the highest volume of complaints.

These reports are not foolproof predictors of the service consumers can expect, but they can be a valuable tool for researching car insurance companies and other providers.

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