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If you’re an uninsured Indiana motorist who hasn’t paid fees demanded of you from the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles, beware: Lawmakers are talking about ways to collect. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles...Read More »
Four Washington state car insurers will pay a total of $100,000 in fines after they reported to regulators that they overcharged thousands of their customers on their auto policies. Mike Kreidler, Washington’s...Read More »
Illinois motorists will soon see a new setup of the required liability minimum coverage limits for their car insurance along with a new way to prove that they are properly covered, after Gov. Pat Quinn...Read More »
Some Oregon car insurers have been penalizing consumers for lapses in their coverage history even if they were for legitimate reasons, spurring regulators there to issue an advisory this week reminding...Read More »
Massachusetts drivers have two new faces to choose from when they shop for car insurance. Regulators announced this week that they have approved Esurance and Privileged Underwriters Reciprocal...Read More »
Ohio officials are taking notice of a trend for the state’s motorists: the average driver is paying more each year for auto insurance than the year before it. Figures released this week from...Read More »
Often, it’s other states that follow California’s legislative example. But this time it’s the Golden State that’s following behind. California is one step closer to allowing e-delivery...Read More »
One upcoming law will soon change the way insurers warn Texans against letting drivers in their households behind the wheel of their cars while another recent law has already changed the way...Read More »
Indiana drivers could be in for major changes, from having their coverage status tracked through a statewide coverage database to getting increased penalties for driving without coverage, as...Read More »