Oklahoma Left Turn Law Could Lower Auto Insurance Claims

Traffic signal lightsMaking a left turn into oncoming traffic may now result in Oklahoma drivers receiving a traffic ticket, according to the Oklahoma House Democrats website.

The Casey Lewis Act was signed into law by Governor Brad Henry and will take effect on November 1. Drivers were previously allowed to make a left turn into face-on traffic after pausing and signaling while at an intersection, the website reported. This required oncoming traffic to yield to those turning, posing a safety risk.

Casey Lewis was killed after a motorist made a left turn at a busy intersection. The passage of this law has the potential to lower auto insurance claims. State Representative Paul Roan said that “this is an issue of public safety … that’s a subject I have pretty strong feelings on. When a driver is making a left turn, they should have the responsibility for making sure that they can turn safely. This change will require them to do so and puts the liability on them if their turn results in an accident.”

A high number of claims in a given area will potentially raise coverage rates; passing laws that can reduce these numbers can help keep driver safe and may result in more affordable auto insurance premiums. In addition, Oklahoma recently approved another piece of legislation that will affect drivers and may reduce accidents as well. Lawmakers voted on Tuesday to make it illegal for teens to text while operating a motor vehicle.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19802821-ADNFCR

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