Auto Insurance Verification System Approved in Mississippi

Mississippi 2007 uninsured rate

[For an update on recent action taken related to this bill, read the article “Mississippi Governor Says No to Insurance Verification System“]

Mississippi may soon join the growing number of states that use electronic databases to keep tabs on which drivers in the state may lack auto insurance coverage after a bill to establish a verification system gained approval from the state senate last week. The bill had already been approved by the house.

Mississippi has been said to have one of the worst uninsured-motorist problems in the country. In a report produced by the Insurance Research Council it was estimated that, in 2007, at least 28 percent of the driving population in the state lacked proper automobile insurance coverage. The only state with a higher estimated proportion was New Mexico, with 29 percent.

Enabling law enforcement and state officials to check through an online database whether a particular driver has coverage should make it easier for violators of the state financial responsibility law to be identified.

With the new law, motorists will also be required to show proof of coverage and have that coverage verified in order to register or renew registration on a vehicle.

In the original version of the bill, the state would have been authorized to conduct random checks for drivers flagged as appearing uninsured in the database.

After the different versions are reconciled, the bill should be on its way to the governor to be signed into law.

Similar legislation is making its way through the state legislature of neighboring Alabama, which has been estimated to have the next-highest rate of uninsured drivers.

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