Maryland Email Service Notifies Drivers about Car Insurance Lapses

ComputerDrivers in Maryland can sign up for a new email service that will notify them if they appear uninsured in the state’s car insurance verification database.

Uninsured drivers in Maryland face a number of fines and penalties, including registration suspension and a $150 penalty for any lapse in coverage of up to 30 days. After that period, the penalty increases by $7 daily.

Milt Chaffee, administrator for the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), said in a June statement that the courtesy service will help drivers quickly get uninsured notifications .

Drivers interested in receiving MVA notifications should provide their email address by visiting MVA’s online services section and selecting “email management” link, located under “other services” in the left-hand bar.

Car insurers in Maryland share information about canceled policies daily with the MVA, which uses its own data to match car registrations with auto policies. If a policy is canceled and there’s no replacement, the MVA will send out a notification letter and, if the email address is available, an email.

Drivers who receive the email should contact their new insurance provider to notify the MVA of the new policy.

Email alerts are also sent to motorists whose driving privileges are suspended.

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