Electronic Insurance Proof Bill Clears Louisiana Legislature

A proposal in Louisiana allowing authorities to accept electronic forms of insurance proof was approved in its final round through the Legislature Tuesday.

HB 1130 permits policyholders to use a “mobile electronic device” to display original or photocopied images of their policy to police during traffic stops that show they have the coverage required to operate a vehicle.

The legislation was adopted in the state House with a 98-0 vote after agreement over minor, language-oriented amendments from the state Senate. It now heads to Gov. Bobby Jindal for further consideration and likely approval.

The bill defines a mobile device as “any small, hand-held computing or communications device that has a display screen with touch input or a miniature keyboard.”

Strong support from Louisiana legislators sped HB 1130 quickly through both the state House and Senate, which approved the proposal with a 94-0 vote on April 25 and 39-0 vote on May 16, respectively.

“The law needs to keep up with technology,” said Rep. Greg Cromer (R-Slidell), who sponsored the bill, in an April editorial posted on his website. “Industry lobbyists point out that more companies are using electronic files and communications. They say that the measure is needed to protect drivers. It’s certainly a convenience for motorists, and one that shouldn’t have any negative effect on public safety.”

Other recent measures across the nation have gotten similarly solid backing from lawmakers.

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter made Idaho the first state in the U.S. to allow electronic forms of proof when he approved SB 1319 on March 27. Gov. Jan Brewer signed off on HB 2677 later that same day, making electronic formats of Arizona car insurance coverage a legal means of proving that a driver has insurance.

California legislators are considering doing the same through AB 1708, which is currently being considered in two Senate committees after passing the state Assembly by a 73-0 vote on May 10.

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