Idaho to Get Access to Progressive Snapshot Car Insurance Discount

Idaho will be the 37th state in which drivers will have the option of enrolling in Progressive’s Snapshot discount car insurance program, a usage-based plan that the company has been rapidly expanding across the country in recent months.

Man installing SnapShot device

Photo courtesy of Progressive

To lower insurance premiums through Snapshot, enrollees are given a data-collection device that plugs directly into an electronic port on their vehicles.

Data gets recorded when the car is driven and is then sent to Progressive. After the first 30 days, the company analyzes the information and determines if the enrollee qualifies for a discount of up to 30 percent.

Discount eligibility is based on three main factors: the number of miles that are logged, the times of day at which the car is regularly driven and the number of sudden stops that are recorded.

According to Progressive, negative data will not result in a premium increase.

The company has not said how few miles and how few sudden stops a driver must have to qualify for maximum savings.

An FAQ on its website says simply that the discount will be increased for “gentle braking” and “driving fewer miles than the average driver in your state.” As for times of day, the company says the price break will be maximized for motorists who avoid driving “during peak hours or between midnight and 4 a.m.”

During the trial period, users can monitor their driving data and savings eligibility online.

Snapshot users keep the device in place in their vehicles for at least six months, after which a renewal discount is assessed.

According to the Idaho Department of Insurance, Progressive Northwestern and Progressive Direct — both companies operating under the Progressive Group umbrella — accounted for about 8 percent of the total auto insurance premiums written in the state last year.

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