Large Number of Georgia Auto Insurance Claims Caused by Vehicle-Deer Collisions

Mature deerIn Georgia, thousands of automobile accidents each year are caused by deer finding their way onto roads, reported the Department of Driver Services.

Vehicle-deer collisions are on the rise, leading to more injuries and auto insurance claims, said the department. Though deer still account for less than 3 percent of reported collisions each year, the animals present a problem that drivers can hardly prepare for.

In one unusual case, 62-year-old Virginia Solomon was killed instantly when a deer struck another car and then ricocheted across the median into her car, reported the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Vehicle-deer collisions accounted for 32,000 crashes and 16 deaths between 2007 and 2009, said the paper, citing Department of Transportation data.

Drivers can take several steps to minimize their chances of hitting a deer, said the DDS. Motorists should proceed slowly and cautiously through areas with known deer populations and if one is spotted, drivers should slow down immediately without swerving the car. Honking the horn sharply and blinking the headlights on low beam might scare the animal away, said the department.

Insurers may cover vehicle-deer collision claims, but most require a police accident report first. Individuals should contact their agent to make sure they are covered and the company’s procedure. Consumers who do not have full coverage may want to obtain car insurance quotes to see if it would be worth the cost in order to prevent uncovered losses.

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