DC Gets Access to Progressive’s Snapshot Discount Program

Motorists in the nation’s capital will soon be able to enroll in a program run by Progressive Insurance that gives greater access to low cost auto insurance prices for policyholders who display habits that are characteristic of lower-risk drivers.

The Snapshot program, which is already available in 38 states, gives policyholders the option to have Progressive monitor their driving data in exchange for the possibility of discounted premiums.

Photo Courtesy of ProgressiveHabits that identify policyholders as lower-risk motorists include driving fewer miles, braking gradually and being on the road at the times of day when accidents are least likely to occur.

Progressive is able to monitor these habits by way of an electronic device that is easily plugged into a port on the insured vehicle. Driving data is collected for up to six months. An initial discount is assessed after the first 30 days, and the renewal discount is determined after the six-month mark.

According to the insurance company, participation in the program will result in only a discount or no discount at all. Prices will not go up solely as a result of negative data collected during the monitoring period.

The majority of insurers in the District of Columbia already use the number of miles that a car is driven to help rate policies, but the Snapshot program may give a more detailed picture and allow for more significant discounts.

The maximum discount participants of Snapshot can earn is 30 percent.

Washington, D.C., residents may be hungry for insurance discounts like the one offered through Progressive. That’s because countrywide average premium rankings repeatedly show the District of Columbia as having some of the highest coverage costs in the nation.

One factor that likely contributes to the high cost of coverage is that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 100 percent of the D.C. population lives in urban areas, where there tend to be higher accident rates.

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