Nevada Motorists Wrongfully Cited for Lacking Car Insurance

Nevada license plateA new system was supposed to make car insurance verification less complex for those in Nevada, but for some, just the opposite is taking place.

The Reno-Gazette Journal reports that the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles switched verification systems earlier this year but is having some of the same problems that were experienced with the previous system.

The paper reports that the DMV has been wrongly contacting people to verify their insurance, and some have been ordered to shell out $250 fines.

Gene Gardella, a Reno insurance agent, told the paper that a number of motorists have been complaining about the issue.

“It’s been going on for months,” Gardella told the paper. “It’s been exasperating. People are getting mad at us, but our hands are tied.”

The Journal reports that mismatches resulting from policyholder name variations and the fact that not all of the state’s auto insurers have internet-based systems have contributed to the difficulties.

For those in the state who do in fact lack coverage, drivers can get go online to get car insurance quotes without personal info and find an affordably priced policy.

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