News Outlet Calls into Question Car Insurance Co.’s Rankings

Downtown area in TexasTexas newspaper The Monitor says that Allstate’s rankings of some of the state’s cities in its America’s Best Drivers Report may be skewed.

The report showed drivers in the Rio Grande Valley to be the safest in the state, but the study’s methodology may have inflated the area’s safety results, according to the paper.

The study indicated that Brownsville and McAllen, two of the largest cities in the area, were the safest in Texas. The company’s data showed that Brownsville drivers’ average likelihood of getting into an accident was 7.6 percent less than the national average, with McAllen close behind at 4.9 percent less, according to the Monitor.

The paper asserts that these “favorable rankings may be contingent upon a large percentage of uninsured drivers who don’t report collisions,” as the company’s rankings are based on the number of collision damage claims it receives.

The paper cites data from the state’s department of insurance, saying that all four of the Rio Grande Valley counties rank in the top 10 for proportions of drivers who lack Texas auto insurance coverage. Nearly a third of motorists in the area’s Hidalgo County are uninsured, according to the Monitor.

Beyond the significantly higher numbers of uninsured motorists in the area, the fact that Allstate has only 4.3 percent of car insurance market share in the state may have also resulted in misleading results, the Monitor says.

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