Voters Reject California’s Auto Insurance Proposition 17

California residents voted against Prop 17.California’s extremely controversial Proposition 17 ballot measure was shot down by voters this week.

The Continuous Discount Initiative had 52.1 percent of the state’s voters selecting no during Tuesday’s election. If Prop 17 had been passed, California auto insurance companies would have been able to provide continuous coverage discounts to drivers switching providers. As it stands, they can only provide these perks to existing customers.

Around $16 million was put into the passage of Prop 17 by supporters such as the group Californians for Fair Auto Insurance Rates. That’s 12 times the amount of funding that those opposing the ballot measure were able to put in. Groups against the measure included Consumer Watchdog of Santa Monica. The organization viewed the defeat as a clear signal from voters that they don’t trust big businesses and don’t want them to get involved in citizen initiative processes.

However, the battle for continuous coverage discounts may not be over, the Los Angeles Times reported. Prop 17 supporters have said that even though they are disappointed with the outcome of the vote, they may continue to argue for their cause. These regulation revisions are thought to bring a significant amount of business to auto insurers.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19831264-ADNFCR

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