Tough New Cell-Phone Ban Could Promote Road Safety, Cheaper Auto Insurance in Billings, Montana

SpeedometerMembers of the Billings City Council will meet at the end of the month to consider a proposal that would ban cell phone use by drivers in that Montana town, according to the Great Falls Tribune. Such a move could help make the town’s roads safer, and possibly cut auto insurance rates in the area.

Billings’ deputy city attorney, Craig Hensel, told the paper that the city’s current laws are insufficiently tough on drivers who operate cell phones while driving, adding that the lawmakers had rejected a more lenient proposal that would have banned texting only. This would have required police officers to prove that motorists were texting, not talking on the phone, which may have proved difficult.

The Tribune notes that the prospective Billings law would not ban the use of hands-free devices, despite the fact that some public safety advocates say that these are still a distraction to drivers. Finding cheap car insurance becomes more difficult when the public is not restricted from dangerous practices behind the wheel which lead to increased claims and higher premiums.

Other governments, including roughly half of all U.S. states have adopted laws cracking down on drivers who distract themselves by using their phones while behind the wheel. Experts say that the increased accident rate caused by distracted drivers can cause auto insurance rates to rise sharply, in addition to threatening public safety.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19881614-ADNFCR

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