Alabama’s Car Insurance Discount for Seniors Goes Online

Changes to Alabama’s motor vehicle code that recently went into effect allow discounts to senior drivers completing online driving courses and reduces the number of instruction hours required to obtain that discount.

Previously, only drivers who completed classroom-based courses would be eligible for the discount, but the newest changes now allow online courses to qualify. Also, the minimum number of course hours needed to qualify for the discount dropped from eight hours to six.

Motorists over 55 years old completing the requirements will find car insurance quotations that are lower than those who don’t take the courses.

Eligible courses are sponsored by the National Safety Council, the American Automobile Association, the AARP or another course approved by the Department of Safety.

Such courses generally test the abilities of older drivers, especially eyesight and defensive driving. Over time, motorists’ bad habits are reinforced and those courses familiarize elderly drivers with proper rules of the road again.

The piece of legislation behind the changes, HB 193, saw a flawless route through the state Legislature, where lawmakers approved the bill by an 88-0 vote in March and 28-0 vote in May.

The new insurance regulation went into effect on Aug. 1.

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