Self-Braking Technology May Lead to Reduced Car Insurance Rates

Vehicle brakingWhen auto insurance companies determine coverage rates, there are a variety of factors they consider. One such element is the safety features of the car being insured.

Nissan recently introduced a safety device that could drive down rates if it proves to significantly reduce the risk of getting into an accident. The new “Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept,” introduced by Nissan at the end of July, enables a vehicle to automatically brake in order to avoid collisions.

A combination of computer technology and radar affixed behind the vehicle’s front bumper allows the car to sense when it’s approaching an object. When the device determines that the auto is approaching an object in the road at a risky speed, an alarm sounds, the gas pedal moves up and the brake pedal goes down.

The car’s gradual braking should be enough to help the driver apply the brake smoothly enough to avoid a collision with a car ahead of it and, in addition, to lessen the possibility of being rear-ended after braking too suddenly.

Safety features can go a long way to reduce the severity of damages in an auto accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that air bags and seat belts reduce the risk of head injuries by over 80 percent. A car with automatic brakes could prove to be a good way to help decrease the frequency of accidents and to lower car insurance rates.

About John Pirro
John Pirro is a licensed fire and casualty insurance agent specializing in various aspects of the auto insurance industry. He worked in the auto body repair industry before taking a reporting position at Online Auto Insurance News.

2 Responses to “Self-Braking Technology May Lead to Reduced Car Insurance Rates”

  1. Eliza
    27. Aug, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    This is a good news for the consumers; however only limited to Nissan so far. Hopefully other companies will follow the trend.

  2. John Pirro
    18. Oct, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    Reports came out recently that Google has been working for some time on a new “self-driving” car. It will be interesting to see the developments that might come from their working to advance this type of technology.

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