Risky drivers more likely to raise auto insurance rates

Vehicle error, such as with Toyota's faulty brake pads, isn't as common as driver error for causing accidents.With the recent news of Toyota’s faulty brake pads making headlines everywhere, it’s gotten a lot of people wondering how often these types of accidents actually occur.

The answer, it turns out, is "rarely." What really causes the majority of auto accidents is driver error, not that of a vehicle, CTV News reported. It’s these risky drivers that are unable to receive inexpensive car insurance.

Leonard Evans, author of the book Traffic Safety, told CTV News that "whether it’s a defect or a child darting into the road, most crashes occur because drivers don’t leave an adequate safety margin." Evans said that drivers have an "obsession with technical flaws," when they should be focusing instead on how to reduce their risk.

A number of safety features have been added to vehicles in the last 25 years, CTV News said. These improvements, in addition to more people using seatbelts and better road conditions, have caused the number of fatal car crashes to decline.

Risk is only one factor that insurers use to decide auto premiums. Other factors include credit score and the area in which person lives.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19782476-ADNFCR

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