Hotly Debated Teen-Driving Law Could Help Lower Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Rates

Driver steering wheelLawmakers in Pennsylvania are currently involved in an argument over the best way to improve safety on the state’s roads and how strict to make new rules governing the way teens can behave behind the wheel. Such a law might have widespread effects on public safety and auto insurance rates.

Members of the Pennsylvania House told the Times Leader newspaper that the Senate version of the teen driver bill had been unacceptably watered-down. “The main purpose of this bill was to saves lives and adequately prepare our young drivers with the skills and knowledge related to the safe operation of a machine that weighs thousands of pounds and can travel at dangerous speeds,” state Representative Eddie Day Pashinski told the paper.

The original House bill, the Times Leader reported, placed limits on the number of non-family passengers that a teen driver could have in the car at a given time and made cell phone use behind the wheel a primary offense. This means that police officers could stop drivers if they suspected that they were on their phones.

Given the numerous studies that have shown distracted driving to be a highly hazardous activity, many support strict rules against the practice. Such rules can also help secure cheap car insurance for young drivers by making accidents less likely.

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