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Along with having to fill up at the pump less often, hybrid-vehicle owners also have historically benefited from discounted auto insurance rates. But a report recently released by automotive industry information...Read More »
When auto insurance companies determine coverage rates, there are a variety of factors they consider. One such element is the safety features of the car being insured. Nissan recently introduced a safety...Read More »
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With more and more cities and states outlawing texting while driving, some businesses in Cincinnati aren’t waiting for a government-enforced ban. The Cincinnati Enquirer recently reported that,...Read More »
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After getting into a car accident, motorists turn to car insurance companies to find out how much their repairs will cost. Part of the repair cost is determined by what materials need to be replaced. Earlier...Read More »
Some types of cars attract criminals’ eyes more readily than others. Car owners can lower their insurance rates by fortifying their vehicles with theft deterrents, since lower risk of theft...Read More »
Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are currently involved in an argument over the best way to improve safety on the state’s roads and how strict to make new rules governing the way teens can behave...Read More »