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Insurance rate changes at State Farm in Idaho going into effect today bring overall rates in the state down an average of 0.5 percent. Overall rate levels are 16 percent lower than they were six years...Read More »
The latest batch of rate-filing summaries made public by Illinois regulators shows various insurers raising rates this month and next month while a few are instituting rate decreases. Consumers who see...Read More »
A group of California car insurers has recently asked state regulators to allow them to raise rates on policyholders in the next few months, while approved rate increases for a handful of other insurers...Read More »
Illinois insurance regulators approved a handful of rate filings in September that go into effect this month or November, while other filings approved in earlier months are also taking effect. The filings...Read More »
Recently approved rate filings from Florida insurers show mixed results when it comes to measuring whether reforms passed last year by the Legislature will effectively cut car insurance costs...Read More »
The latest batch of filings from Pennsylvania regulators, consisting mostly of hikes to insurance prices, means that consumers retrieving an auto insurance quote online could see a handful of...Read More »
The latest batch of rate filings approved by Illinois insurance regulators in August showed rate increases at 16 insurers. The following approved changes were made for personal auto insurance...Read More »
Pennsylvania motorists who get comparisons of auto insurance rates will see a new set of prices after a handful of auto insurers’ rate changes take effect this month. The following rate...Read More »
Policyholders in Illinois may be looking for inexpensive car insurance quotes after state regulators there released their latest rate filings, showing that more than a dozen insurers hiked...Read More »