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For parents, having a teen driver usually means having to purchase high-risk auto insurance. There are a number of reasons that insurance premiums tend to be higher for teenagers, one of them being their...Read More »
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There are a number of factors that go into determining how much auto insurance companies will charge for a teenager’s premium. What kind of car they are driving is one of them. Reliability and safety...Read More »
Auto insurance companies use perceived risk, in part, to determine what it will cost to cover a driver. Rates rise and fall, and one guaranteed way to increase them is receiving a DUI. California has introduced...Read More »
Auto accidents are the number one cause of death for American teenagers, according to the Center for Injury Prevention and Control. The large number of car crashes for this age group generally...Read More »
Every time health insurance premiums increase, the cost of auto insurance coverage will go up as well, according to financial website The price to pay for someone injured in...Read More »
Major auto insurers have begun raising their rates for teenage girls, which may reflect a change in the common belief that they are safer behind the wheel than boys. It seems as though the cost...Read More »
It can be difficult to find cheap insurance for young drivers, but if a new national graduated driver licensing law is passed, that may change. Most GDL laws require young drivers receive their...Read More »
The installation of red light cameras is supposed to reduce traffic violations and auto accidents. Some are concerned tickets received from these devices will result in higher auto insurance...Read More »