About 133,000 Mich. and Penn. Policyholders to See Rate Bumps


More than 115,000 Michigan auto insurance policyholders are seeing new rates as pricing changes at 21st Century, Liberty Mutual and Wolverine have been kicking in.

About 27,500 policyholders are expected to be affected by rate changes at 21st Century that took effect in mid-January for new customers and Feb. 20 for renewals. Increases for individual policyholders will vary, but on average rates will be going up by 17.5 percent, which amounts to an average increase of $256 per policyholder.

At Liberty Mutual, a total of about 14,000 customers insured through LM General and LM Insurance Corporation saw rates increase by an average of 6 percent on Feb. 20. The average increase will be about $90 per policy.

Other Liberty Mutual customers insured through Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company will see increasing rates on March 1. About 61,300 policyholders insured through that company will see average increases of 10 percent.

Nearly 13,000 Wolverine Mutual customers will be affected by the 2.5 percent average rate increase that went into effect at the beginning of February.


In Pennsylvania, the only major upcoming rate change is at Omni Insurance Company, where close to 18,600 policyholders are expected to be affected. Starting Feb. 28 for new customers and April 4 for renewing customers, rates will increase by an average of 8 percent, amounting to an extra $95 per policy.

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