Insurance Hikes in Illinois Approved in September Filings

Illinois insurance regulators approved a handful of rate filings in September that go into effect this month or November, while other filings approved in earlier months are also taking effect.

The filings were approved for personal auto coverage, and the actual rate hikes will vary from policyholder to policyholder. The filings are regularly evaluated by insurance regulators, whose duties include approving or rejecting rate changes and answering questions about car insurance claims from consumers.

Mercury was approved for a relatively high increase for personal liability and physical damage policies with 13.3 percent and 8.1 percent hikes, respectively. The changes went into effect last month.

Regulators approved GMAC for a personal liability increase of 8.9 percent and physical damage increase of 2.6 percent. The change has gone into effect for new business but won’t affect renewals until the first of the year.

Three Infinity–affiliated companies were approved for increases that all are already in effect:

Infinity Casualty hiked personal liability policies by 4.7 percent.
Infinity Assurance increased liability policies by 1.3 percent and physical damage by 2.1 percent.
Infinity Auto raised physical damage policies by 1 percent.

Changes also went into effect this month at Badger Mutual. On Oct. 1, liability and physical damage policies went up by 3.7 percent. That increase was approved in August.

Regulators approved a 5.6 percent hike to liability policies and a 1.6 percent hike to physical damage policies at Harleysville Lake States. The changes go into effect Oct. 31 for new business but not until Dec. 9 for renewal business.

American Alliance Casualty will see a small increase of almost 1 percent to its physical damage policies. The change goes into effect for renewing business on Nov. 10.

AMCO posted a relatively large hike to personal liability insurance coverage. The insurer will increase personal liability coverage by 8.9 percent and physical damage by 2.6 percent. The changes go into effect Nov. 19 for new business but not until Jan. 3 for renewal.

Esurance, which accounts for $14.9 million of Illinois premiums, will also set some increases in motion. It will raise personal liability policies by 5.7 percent and will hike physical damage policies by 1.2 percent. Both changes happen Nov. 19.

In November, Sentinel will raise liability and physical damage premiums by 3 percent each.

Also in November, Wadena will increase physical damage premiums by 4 percent.

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