IINC: Car Insurance Rates Vary Based on Model

Shopper and car salesman looking at carAuto insurance costs can vary significantly depending on the specific vehicle being insured, and the Insurance Information Network of California (IINC) is reminding consumers to keep that fact in mind when considering a new car.

It’s not just the ticket price that needs to be factored in when determining one’s budget. IINC executive director Candysse Miller says a premium is just as important — if not more important — than fuel and maintenance costs.

“In today’s tough economy, insurance coverage should be a top priority when shopping for a new car,” says Miller. “The glitz of the latest sports car or luxury sedan could be tempered by the cost of insuring it.”

The IINC recommends that car shoppers factor in crash test results, safety features, theft rates and repair costs when considering which make and model to purchase. Certain autos with low safety rankings, high rates of theft and large repair costs are likely to be more expensive to insure.

To see how different cars stack up against each other when it comes to coverage costs, consumers can visit a website offering free auto insurance comparisons and run the numbers for different types of cars.

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