Auto insurance companies look to raise rates on teenage girls

Insurance companies are raising rates for teen girls.Major auto insurers have begun raising their rates for teenage girls, which may reflect a change in the common belief that they are safer behind the wheel than boys. It seems as though the cost of auto insurance for teens is becoming more similar between genders, and a recent survey funded by Allstate may explain why.

Allstate’s survey found nearly half of all female teen drivers speed 10 miles an hour over the posted limit while only 36 percent of boys admitted to the same thing. Twice as many girls described their driving style as aggressive in 2009 compared to 2005. The number of young women that said they’d use a cell phone while driving was over 50 percent. Allstate said they won’t change girls’ rates based on the survey.

Adrian Mic, owner of a driving school in New York, disagrees with the survey and told the Wall Street Journal "trust me, boys are lying. Women in general are more likely to follow the rules." However, he thinks girls "don’t pay attention to the speed limit. They just drive the way they feel. It doesn’t mean they are aggressive."

Teens are already considered risky to insure, and this survey has surely only added more fuel to fire.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19768726-ADNFCR

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