Anti-Theft Devices Can Hedge Auto Insurance Premiums

Exotic black carSome types of cars attract criminals’ eyes more readily than others. Car owners can lower their insurance rates by fortifying their vehicles with theft deterrents, since lower risk of theft and lower vehicle-theft rates in an area will likely drive premiums down.

A relatively inexpensive device called a kill switch may be just enough to slow down a car thief from stealing a vehicle. What the device does is prevent fuel from making its way to the engine if a thief tries to start the car without first hitting the hidden kill switch. This ultimately disables the vehicle. The Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority warns that motorists should check their warranty prior to installing a kill switch.

Although many types of cars come with alarms included upon purchase, owners may want to go a step further and consider which type of alarm they feel most comfortable with. Today, there are more than a few types of alarms. The most common type of alarm is triggered by the opening of a door, the trunk, or the hood. This type, however, does not do too much if, say, a thief shatters a window. Manufacturers now offer alarms that sense changes in air pressure in the car’s interior that will be triggered if a window is somehow opened or broken.

But even devices that aren’t high-tech can help prevent car theft and lower auto insurance rates. A visible steering-wheel lock may be enough to make a would-be criminal think twice about breaking in.

Anti-theft devices can help deter a thief, but motorists should also use common sense. Leaving a vehicle in an unsafe area and placing desirable items in clear vision only help entice those with bad motives.

Those looking to purchase a vehicle can check data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau to see which models are most frequently stolen and which cities have the highest rates of auto thefts.

Car owners can be more assured that their car will remain in their possession and that they will be able to get more affordable auto insurance if they live in areas with theft levels that are reasonably low and if they put in the effort to secure their vehicles with as many anti-theft layers as possible.

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