Weekly Car Insurance Crime Watch: November 15th

Suspect in custodyThe news doesn’t stop, because crime never does either.

With the deluge of crime stories that Online Auto Insurance News (OAIN) sees every day relating to car coverage, here is a roundup of this week’s biggest headline-grabbing yarns.

And it certainly is a deluge. This week, a few stories about forgetting: authorities link a marriage memory lapse to insurance fraud; an athlete has what’s likely an insurance-related memory lapse about his policy renewal; and an insurance broker’s workday memory lapse maybe saves his own life.

’Til Death Do Us Part, Unless It Gets Me Cheaper Car Insurance

Fraud-related stories about insurance typically involve injury claim over-inflation and consumer swindles, but marital status?

A Pennsylvania man figuratively took his ring off his finger when filling out his policy application and is now facing charges that he lied to Donegal Insurance Group. According to the application, said The Express-Times, Raymond Ackerly was a single man living alone and in need of coverage for two SUVs.

Police eventually pulled over a woman whose suspended license listed the same address as Ackerly, spurring an investigation which ultimately landed Ackerly in court facing an insurance fraud charge. Apparently he managed to forget his suspended-license-holding wife when purchasing his policy.

Ackerly fibbed on his policy to “gain a better deal on car insurance” and duck the chances of premium inflation/application rejection if his insurer knew his wife had a suspended license, according to The Express-Times.

Star NFL Player Arrested While Driving without Active Insurance

Don’t think that driving without valid coverage is only a problem for motorists who can’t afford car insurance.

NFL player Dwayne Bowe—star receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, 1st-round draft pick and recipient of a reported $4-million contract this season—was arrested this past weekend in Riverside, Mo., after cops initially stopped him for going 12 mph over the speed limit.

Bowe was “polite and cooperative” with police, according to KCTV in Kansas City, even starting the traffic stop with an innocent question about whether or not the nearby Sonic Drive-In was open.

Turns out Bowe was apparently driving with an expired insurance policy, KCTV said, but faces worse trouble after being booked on drug- and speeding-related charges.

So let’s feel good knowing that NFL players are just like us. Even they sometimes get pulled over by cops, wonder if the nearest burger joint is open and/or forget to renew their auto policy.

(Calling all true Chiefs fans: Someone give the man a Sunday night ride to the stadium. Bowe is still slated to start in this weekend’s big divisional matchup with the Denver Broncos.)

Auto Insurance Broker’s Late Start to Workday Likely Saves His Life

One Chicago man is plenty happy that he was late to work.

By the time Eduardo Sosa got to Paisano Auto Insurance last week to start his workday, he found that something beat him to his desk.

It was a Nissan Xterra, which had smashed through the storefront’s window and crashed right where Sosa “would have been sitting,” he told The Times Weekly.

There were no reports of injuries from the storefront crash, which was apparently caused by another two-car crash involving the Xterra.

The Xterra’s driver was a State Farm employee, police told The Times Weekly, though the news outlet didn’t report any link between the driver’s employer and destruction at Paisano Auto Insurance.

The investigation is ongoing, but let’s hope this isn’t some sick, cross-town, business-related rivalry gone violent—we all know how those can turn out.

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