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What You Need to Know: In 2008, Massachusetts deregulated its auto insurance marketplace and insurers poured into the state to offer drivers coverage. Average prices dived after deregulation, but the...Read More »
This month, New Jersey drivers get one more option when they shop for auto insurance. August brings Nationwide to the Garden State, the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (NJDOBI) announced...Read More »
Results were so-so for two small electric car models that underwent their first-ever front-corner crash tests, according to a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) report. The plug-in hybrid...Read More »
What You Need to Know: A man is seeking benefits from insurers in Michigan for injuries sustained when a car hit him in his motorized scooter. The insurers are refusing payment and say that the man’s...Read More »
GEICO spent hundreds of millions more in advertising dollars last year than other personal insurance carriers, according to a recent report. GEICO’s $935.1 million in ad expenditures increased...Read More »
Police are warning the public about the insurance-related risks of ridesharing service Uber, according to South Carolina news reports. Charleston police will hold “sting operations” to warn...Read More »
Car insurance isn’t your go-to fix just for collisions. You can turn to the comprehensive coverage part of your car insurance policy to help you with weather damage to your vehicle. And there’s...Read More »
What you need to know: MetroMile is now available to drivers in California, Illinois, Washington and Oregon. The company charges rates based on the number of miles you drive. California drivers...Read More »
What you need to know: New research shows teens’ crash risk increases when they drive smaller cars. Teenagers are more likely to have the least safe types of vehicles. Giving teens used...Read More »