Wis. Official Gives Auto Insurance Advice for Flood Victims

Car driving through flood

With record amounts of rain drenching southern Wisconsin for the past two months, the state insurance commissioner is advising residents to use their comprehensive auto insurance coverage to soften the financial blow caused by flood damage.

Insurance Commissioner Steve Dilweg pointed out that residents holding policies with comprehensive coverage should be covered against water damage. If the repairs will cost more the the vehicle is worth, or the damage has rendered the vehicle unusable, the car insurance company will offer “fair market value,” according to the office of the commissioner.

Dilweg advises Wisconsin residents who have the coverage and were affected by flooding to file claims with their insurance companies in a timely manner.

“It’s important to get your claim reported and make sure you have your damages documented as soon as possible after they occur,” Dilweg said. “Insurers in Wisconsin are well-prepared for these situations.”

Some areas were hit with as much as seven inches of rain, causing severe home and auto damage in some cases. The National Weather Service still has flood warnings in place for parts of Milwaukee.

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John Pirro is a licensed fire and casualty insurance agent specializing in various aspects of the auto insurance industry. He worked in the auto body repair industry before taking a reporting position at Online Auto Insurance News.

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