More Sleep Could Lower Teen Auto Insurance Claims

Teenager asleep in bedThe importance of a good night’s sleep was highlighted in a report on car crashes among Virginia teenagers.

Researchers found that there were fewer auto accidents among teens who got more sleep before school, reported National Public Radio. The data suggested that later high school start times could lead to fewer crashes and auto insurance claims.

The study looked at the student population of two high schools. Classes start 80 minutes earlier in Virginia Beach than they do in neighboring Chesapeake. According to 2008 data from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, Virginia Beach had 41 percent more car crashes among 16- to 18-year-olds, reported NPR.

However, Dr. Robert Verona, the study’s lead author, cautioned that nothing has been proven and that more data is necessary to draw a direct correlation or connection.

The research was supported by a separate study in 2008 that showed teen car crashes dropped by 16.5 percent after a school district moved its start time back by an hour, said the report.

It is a well known fact that auto insurance for teenagers is not very cheap; in addition, traffic accidents is the leading cause of death among teens. With more data, the study could shed light on the value of getting more sleep to reduce accidents, deaths and claims.

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