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Recent federal statistics confirmed that last year brought the first rise in the number of motor vehicle fatalities nationwide since 2005. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...Read More »
For Congresswoman Eleanor Norton, the title of the subcommittee hearing she attended—“How Autonomous Vehicles Will Shape the Future of Surface Transportation”—belied the state of modern-day traffic...Read More »
MetroMile’s pay-per-mile auto coverage is now available in Washington state, according to a Tuesday announcement in which the car insurance provider also unveiled new services. MetroMile is geared to...Read More »
Progressive CEO Glenn Renwick said this week that the Snapshot program is strengthening new business figures for the car insurer, which he said plans to make it an integral part of its future in an evolving...Read More »
A recent appeals court ruling in Missouri says state law invalidates the way cities there enforce their red-light camera programs. In a decision that has already had an impact on red-light camera...Read More »
Toyota Corollas made between 2010 and 2012 are the most stolen of any later-model compact car, according to the latest report in the “catalog” of theft figures from the National Insurance...Read More »
A recently released product from Verisk Analytics puts an eye on fraud earlier in the process that consumers use to buy an auto insurance policy, automatically screening new policies for the...Read More »
Halloween wasn’t such a treat for a lot of Americans. Many saw harsh weather strike several regions of the U.S., with reports of strong winds in Ohio and flash flooding in Texas. Insurance...Read More »
Satisfaction with how car insurers handle claims has risen industry-wide thanks to increases in policyholder satisfaction with settlement amounts and with the initial claims reporting process,...Read More »