Less distracted driving may lead to lower insurance claims

Damaged automobileNearly half of American states now have bans in effect against texting while operating a vehicle, with the overall aim being to reduce auto accidents caused by distracted driving.

Michigan was the 24th state to ban texting while driving, and Governor Jennifer Granholm signed the legislation into law on Friday while attending a Detroit safe-driving rally, Stateline.org reported. The rally was aired on Friday’s Oprah Winfrey Show for national No Phone Zone Day.

Distracted driving was the cause of nearly 6,000 deaths and half a million injuries in 2008. High numbers of accidents make it nearly impossible for drivers to receive the cheapest auto insurance rates. Auto crashes drive up a person’s premiums.

While lawmakers are hopeful that the texting while driving bans will lower distracted driving auto accidents, it’s not yet known whether they will bring down car insurance rates. Texting while driving is the leading cause of accidents due to distracted driving.

Bucking the trend, a state to recently refuse a texting while driving ban is Alabama. The language of the legislation prevented lawmakers from passing it.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19755540-ADNFCR

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