Safe Driving Course Can Save Seniors on Auto Insurance

Seniors having conversationMany older drivers are taking advantage of a course that can lead to discounted insurance premiums.

The American Association of Retired Persons offers a driver safety program that can give seniors a refresher course on some of the more important rules of the road. Drivers benefit from learning new laws, techniques, and technologies. Many companies will offer auto insurance discounts on premiums for drivers who have completed the course, according to the AARP.

Generally, the course teaches strategies designed to minimize the effects of blind spots, maintain the proper distance behind another car, eliminate distractions, and encourage the proper use of a car’s safety features. Students will also learn about the effects of driving while medicated and learn how to safely change lanes and make turns at intersections, said the AARP.

The classes are open to drivers of all ages, but seniors find the refresher particularly beneficial, instructor Joe Scarselletta told North Dakota’s Grand Forks Herald. As people age, they need to change their driving habits to account for reduced hearing, eyesight, and physical abilities, he said.

Recent data from the Institute for Highway Safety suggests that seniors who make necessary adjustments account for fewer fatal accidents on the roads.

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