Most-Frequently-Ticketed Vehicle List Released by Car Insurance Firm

Violation notice formAuto insurance analytics firm Quality Planning recently released the results of its study that looked into the most-frequently-ticketed makes and models of cars, showing that SUVs tended to have lower violation rates than traditional two- and four-door models.

The study, which looked at the number of traffic violations per 100,000 miles driven from February 2009 through February 2010, concluded with a Mercedes Benz convertible topping the list of vehicles with the highest violation rates. A Buick SUV was shown to have the lowest violation rate.

The Benz convertible’s rate exceeded the average for all vehicles by about 300 percent, while the Buick SUV’s rate came in at 77 percent below the average.

Of the top ten “cautious vehicles,” six were either SUVs or mini-vans. In a press release from the insurance analytics firm, the authors of the report assert that the findings show carrying passengers in a car may very well influence a driver to be more cautious while on the road.

“Besides the sociological aspect of ‘who drives what,’ ” stated Bob U’Ren, Quality Planning’s senior vice president, “the manner in which private passenger cars and trucks are driven has a meaningful bearing on how much individuals and families pay for auto insurance.”

The Quality Planning report stopped short of asserting any one-to-one correspondence between a car’s average violation rate and the owner’s ability to secure cheap auto insurance premiums, but motorists with a greater amount of tickets on their records do generally get charged higher rates.

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