Progressive: Parking-Lot Insurance Claims Jump on Black Friday

A claims data analysis from Progressive released today shows that crowds of Black Friday shoppers lead to a 36.5 percent spike in parking-related claims compared with the two Fridays before and after Black Friday.

And the situation may not be getting better. The Black Friday parking-claim spike was 17 percent in 2010 but grew to 37 percent in 2011, according to the insurer.

Progressive also offered a further breakdown of its claims data.

A fourth of all auto claims on Black Friday are from “parking situations.” Claims involving rear-end collisions made up almost 13 percent of all Black Friday claims. Parked-car claims, where a parked car is struck or a driver reports being struck while parked, made up a little more than 11 percent. Claims linked to having a car back into another vehicle made up a little more than 7.5 percent of claims.

Maria Cashy, a claims customer service process leader for the insurer, said that avoiding “the commotion of the store” can be as easy as parking your vehicle “a little further back in the parking lot.”

“That extra 100 feet could save your car some serious damage,” Cashy said in a statement. “Of course if it’s dark outside, park wherever you feel safest, like a well-lit area.”

Cashy also offered other tips for drivers on the bustling shopping holiday:

–Use your eyes, ears and mirrors
–Use car passengers to take advantage of other vantage points
–Drive slowly

According to the insurer, drivers should be wary of hit-and-runs during Black Friday. Most of these collisions can be covered through uninsured motorist or collision coverage, which most car insurance carriers offer as optional types of coverage.

Reporting any kind of accident, even if it is a minor hit-and-run, can save a major headache later, according to the insurer.

“In addition to helping you with your insurance claim, the police can access parking lot security cameras that might have caught the accident,” Progressive said in a statement.

Progressive also offered the infographic linked here.

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