Stats Show Auto Insurance Claims Rise in Summer

Happy female motoristWith the warm weather comes family vacations and more people on the road. Drivers need to be extra mindful of the increased traffic in order to keep their auto insurance rates down.

An increase in the number of teen drivers on the roads during the summer months may also contribute to more auto insurance claims. A Liberty Mutual and SADD study found that teens spend almost 50 percent more time driving while on summer vacation than during the academic year. Teenagers’ lack of driving experience makes them particularly vulnerable to vehicle accidents.

“This is a recipe for disaster — young, inexperienced drivers spending more time behind the wheel and engaging in the risky driving behaviors that lead to accidents, serious injuries and worse, deaths,” says Liberty Mutual Executive Vice President and Manager Paul Condrin.

It’s not just teens that are risky drivers. Every age group contains some motorists who will neglect the basic rules of the road.

Last year, nearly 50 people in the state of Ohio lost their lives because a driver failed to stop at a red light, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Another 154 were killed by drivers who were not obeying the speed limit.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19897328-ADNFCR

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