Accident forgiveness is limited in auto insurance

Accident forgiveness isn't unlimited.When looking over a car insurance policy, drivers may see the term “accident forgiveness” and wonder exactly what it means.

An accident forgiveness program is common among auto insurance companies and allows for a driver’s premiums to remain unchanged following a car accident, according to news website U.S. Life Daily. Allstate Insurance commercials have become well-known for advertising this coverage perk.

If accident forgiveness sounds too good to be true, it’s worth noting that drivers can only use it a limited number of times – sometimes only once. Jodi Leigh wrote for U.S. Life Daily that “you cannot continually get into car accidents and expect to be forgiven. As obvious as this sounds, many people are surprised when they are in their second accident and their premiums skyrocket.”

Not all states offer accident forgiveness policies, U.S. Life Daily said. That’s because places like Michigan are no-fault states, where drivers aren’t considered responsible for any auto accidents. While premiums won’t rise after a crash, insurance rates tend to be higher where this is the case.

There are around a dozen other no-fault states including Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Utah.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19760791-ADNFCR

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