Woman Dances Her Way to Victory in Car Insurance Co. Contest

Chevrolet grill iconPineville, N.C., resident Laura Burba’s car is a regular part of her life. Several times a week the 68-year-old shuffles a group of retiree tap dancers, the MsSteps, to performances at senior centers and regional events.

Burba’s dedication is now benefiting more than those who watch the performances. Car insurance carrier The Hartford Financial Services Group recently gave her a Chevrolet Equinox for winning their essay contest, called The Hartford 200. The auto insurance company encouraged people to submit essays highlighting the connection they have with their vehicle.

Richard Childress Racing team driver Jeff Burton, along with other drivers, helped select Burba as the winner of the insurance provider’s contest because of her kind personality and commitment to others.

“Not only does she keep them doing what they love, she goes the extra mile to make sure that they and their equipment make it to their destination every time,” said Burton. “While the MsSteps depend on Laura to transport them from performance to performance, Laura depends on her automobile to keep them moving.”

For half a decade, Burba helped transport dancing members, their costumes and equipment to more than 200 performances.

The essay contest is part of the celebration of the insurance provider’s 200 years of operation.

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