Esurance Expands Savings for Same-Sex Partnerships, Unions

Esurance announced this week that it is expanding the way its rating structure treats same-sex couples to 21 new states across the U.S., allowing car insurance policyholders in civil unions and domestic partnerships to obtain the same insurance savings as married couples.

Married Esurance policyholders see an average of 10 percent savings on premiums compared with single policyholders.

The savings had been already available from the insurer in California, Illinois, Oregon and Washington and now expands to:

— Alabama
— Arizona
— Colorado
— Connecticut
— Georgia
— Indiana
— Kentucky
— Maryland
— Minnesota
— Mississippi
— Nevada
— New Jersey
— Ohio
— Oklahoma
— Pennsylvania
— South Carolina
— Tennessee
— Texas
— Utah
— Virginia
— Wisconsin

Married drivers tend to get lower car insurance quotes because research shows they are less likely to be involved in accidents.

According to State Farm, rates usually fall for men under 25 years old when they marry, with additional discounts available when married couples have several insured vehicles under one roof.

However, many of those discounts are unavailable to same-sex couples in states where civil unions are not legal, leading insurers to not recognize those couples as legally married. Domestic partnerships are available in some states that allow same-sex couples to officially register their commitment to each other and obtain the some of the benefits and savings available to married couples.

Esurance said its expansion is unique because it also applies the rating structure for married couples to domestic partnerships “regardless of where individual states stand on the issue of same-sex marriage,” Esurance CEO Gary Tolman said in a statement. “Domestic partnership” is now an option that policyholders can choose as their marital status.

Same-sex couples who are in civil unions and list each other on the same policy will “get a ‘married’ rate when listed on the same policy, which may be a lower rate than those previously available to such non-married individuals,” according to an Esurance statement.

The insurer said the expansion showed its commitment to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

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