Progressive Using Image-Capture Technology for Insurance Quotes

Progressive logoProgressive Insurance recently announced that it’s making it easier for consumers to get quotes and buy car insurance online through their mobile phones.

The direct-to-consumer car insurer will make available to 15 states in February and more throughout 2012 a new function on its mobile app that allows users to get quotes just by taking pictures of pertinent documents and supplying a little additional information.

The technology is called Image Capture, and it will be integrated right into the mobile quoting process.

Instead of manually inputting personal data–like address, driver’s license number, and vehicle make, model and year–users can just take a photo of their driver’s license and VIN bar code or current insurance card, and the data fields on the app will autopopulate.

“The number you get through our mobile app is a valid quote, not a ballpark,” said Matt Lehman, Progressive’s mobile business leader. “We think it’s important to give consumers an accurate rate, and this technology helps them get that rate quickly.”

After going through the quoting process, users have the option to buy the policy they’ve been quoted for.

The new Image Capture function adds to Progressive’s mobile app capabilities, which already included its cost-to-insure rating function.

That function allows users to punch in up to three vehicles’ make, model and year–or to automatically input that information by taking a photo of their VINs–and they get back a comparison of the cost to insure those vehicles on a scale of 1 to 10.

Although the function didn’t deliver actual quotes, it provides what could be helpful information to shoppers who are looking for a new car and don’t want to be shocked when they see the cost to insure it after driving off the lot.

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