Progressive Car Insurance’s Advertising Icon Ranked No. 1

Ever since the GEICO gecko came onto the scene in 2000 to tell people about how much they could save on car insurance, auto insurance companies have given rise to a whole lineup of quirky advertising icons developed to let consumers know that their companies have the best deals.

Progressive car insurance's Flo with pompoms

Photo courtesy of Progressive

But in a recent Entertainment Weekly bracket game that pitted Clydesdales against an animated tiger and the most interesting man in the world against the Snapple lady, it was Progessive insurance’s Flo who came out on top.

The perky mascot dressed in white beat out 63 others on Super Bowl Sunday to get the No. 1 spot.

She went head-to-head with the Brawny Man, the Mac Guy, the Gerber Baby, the Old Spice Guy and the Budweiser Clydesdales to make it to the final showdown. There, she went against the Pillsbury Dough Boy, winning with 73 percent of the vote.

“This is the new digital generation,” said Progressive’s chief marketing officer, Jeff Charney, in a statement. “They play online, they engage online and, when you have a relevant brand like ours, they also show tremendous brand loyalty online. This win for Flo demonstrates just how strong the power of a social network like Progressive’s can be.”

With intense competition on the coverage market, insurers’ media presence may now be more important than ever.

In addition to making its brand more visible, Progressive has also been expanding the availability of its SnapShot discount program to entice consumers. The program allows policyholders to use a data-collection device that monitors how, when and how far they drive in order to assess whether they should be eligible for safe-driver and low-risk discounts. Progressive has been the leader in use of this new type of technology-based discount, although other carriers are developing and implementing similar programs.

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