Progressive Insurance Monthly Profits Remain Relatively Stable

Progressive monthly profits as of 1/12Progressive monthly profits dipped slightly last month, dropping 1.7 percent between December 2011 and January 2012.

January profits for the insurer were $75 million, down from $76.3 million the month before.

Those are pretty good results considering the fact that losses and loss adjustment expenses for the company were up 30 percent for the period. Investment income was also down 4.7 percent.

Buoying the results were growth in premiums written and the performance of securities. Premiums grew 44 percent, going from $1.01 billion up to $1.46 billion. And securities performance went up from a $22.7 million loss in December to a $11.9 million gain in January.

The year-to-year results, however, were not as favorable.

Compared with January 2011, monthly profits were down 33.4 percent, or $37.6 million. Two of the factors contributing to that development were declining gains on securities (they fell $20 million between the first month of 2011 and January 2012) and increases in underwriting, loss and loss adjustment expenses (they grew by a total of $97 million).

Still, net premiums written grew by 6 percent ($83.3 million) between January 2011 and January 2012.

Progressive, which specializes in selling policies to consumers who compare car insurance quotes online through their website or over the phone, remains one of the largest private passenger auto insurers in America. According to the latest data released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Progressive is the fourth-largest auto insurer in the country in terms of market share.

It has seen significant growth as consumers are increasingly opting to research and purchase coverage through direct channels rather than through agents.

According to the most recent financial release, Progressive had about 8.58 million personal auto policies in place in January 2012. Of those, 45.3 percent were serviced directly through the company. In January 2008, only 37.3 percent of the company’s policies were serviced directly.

To read the experiences of current and former Progressive policyholders, readers can find user-submitted Progressive auto insurance reviews online.

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