Families’ Road Safety Tested by Car Insurance Co.

Man and woman reading a mapAllstate Auto Insurance is trying to make the country’s roads safer by combating distracted driving. As part of the company’s larger campaign, parents and their teen drivers are squaring off in the Allstate Family Driving Challenge this month throughout Texas.

The challenge consists of navigating the road with an increasing number of phone calls, text messages and other distractions.

After completing the challenge, parent-teen teams will place their thumbprints on a banner to signify their pledge against using their phones while behind the wheel.

The car insurance company is educating both generations together because texting and driving isn’t just a teenage problem, according to the insurer. A survey performed by Allstate found that 90 percent of teens say their parents are the leading influence of their driving behaviors.

“Teens are watching what their parents are doing while driving and it influences their behavior,” says Allstate’s Texas region corporate relations manager, Joe McCormick. “This is why it is so important for parents to put down their phones, limit their distractions and overall, set a good example in the car for their teens.”

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