High Schools Participate in Auto Insurance Co.’s Teen Driving Program

Teenage girl driving carHanding the car keys over to a new driver can be a scary experience for some parents. American Family Insurance aims to help parents and their teens with a program that provides a platform for a discussion of safe driving practices.

The car insurance company has been operating the online safety program, Teen Safe Driver Pledge, since 2007.

The Teen Safe Driver Program involves new motorists’ having a camera in their vehicle that allows parents to view their teen’s driving practices. Parents and teens can also get their driving critiqued by an expert.

More than 375 high schools are currently participating in the program.

In addition to having their students’ road smarts sharpened, schools that participate in the program can earn between $900 and $15,000, depending on enrollment levels. Students themselves can earn iPads, Flip video cameras and iTunes gift cards.

These types of education courses can help keep young motorists safe on the road, as the extra knowledge and experience the classes provide can help teens make better decisions while driving. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration says teens are involved in three times as many fatal accidents as other motorists.

American Family’s customer relationship marketing director, Deborah Peterson, says the auto insurance coverage provider’s program is fun while promoting safety.

“Teen Safe Driver Pledge really connects with young drivers, and the individual prizes and school competition add a fun factor,” says Peterson. “American Family is proud to work with each of these schools and with anyone else who wishes to help our young drivers keep safe.”

American Family Insurance studied the effectiveness of the program in 2006 with more than 50 families. The company reported that, nine months after being enrolled in the program, teens reduced risky driving behaviors by 70 percent after reviewing and discussing the footage with their parents. Furthermore, teen seatbelt use was nearly 100 percent six weeks into the program.

Teens can still participate in the program even if their school doesn’t. The program is open to anyone over the age of 14 who is committed to driving safety.

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