Families’ Driving Habits Challenged by Car Insurance Provider

 Backseat-view photo of a woman driving down a tree-lined roadAllstate Insurance wants people to understand the serious dangers of texting while driving. This summer, the auto insurance company has been operating a “Family Driver Challenge” to educate motorists.

With the program in full swing, some participants are learning that they aren’t as good at multitasking as they thought. The professional course, which is filled with multiple distractions, challenges families to reassess just how good their multitasking skills are.

The Birmingham News reports that Alabama State University student Jasmine Dukes recently competed against her aunt in the auto insurance coverage provider’s challenge and ended up hitting several cones and nearly hit an inflatable pedestrian.

Allstate’s Family Driving Challenge is scheduled to take place in 38 cities nationwide. It’s the insurance company’s hope that the program will help reduce the number of cell-phone-related accidents.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that 1.3 million vehicle accidents in 2008 were the result of cell phone use.

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