Allstate’s Drivewise Expands, Gets Smartphone Application

Allstate’s usage-based insurance (UBI) program Drivewise is available in six more states and now has a smartphone application that will allow policyholders to check on how they drove during a trip, according to an announcement from the insurer this week.

The UBI program tracks drivers’ habits behind the wheel through a telematics device that plugs into a vehicle’s diagnostic port. Using that device, Allstate will calculate data, such as where and how a motorist drives, into scores that can turn into insurance discounts for a policyholder.

According to the company, the average savings on a policy is 14 percent and can go up to 30 percent. A 10 percent discount is offered to new participants in some states.

Drivewise is now available in a total of 16 states:
–Indiana (just made available)
–Maryland (just made available)
–Minnesota (just made available)
–Missouri (just made available)
–New Jersey
–New York
–Utah (just made available)
–Washington (just made available)

More than a third of new customers enroll in the program where it is available, according to Allstate.

Allstate, which launched the program in December 2010, has expanded Drivewise by seven states since late last year and will continue its “aggressive rollout” into “the majority of Allstate’s marketplace” in the U.S. by the end of this year, according to the insurance company.

Smartphone Application Available

Allstate also announced the debut of a free application for Drivewise on smartphones.

The application will allow smartphone users to check on their Drivewise policy information in “near real-time,” according to the insurer. Program participants would set up their Drivewise account on the Internet with a user ID and password as usual before downloading and registering the smartphone application for use; it is available on iTunes and Google Play.

“This provides our customers a method to quickly identify ways to improve their driving and, at the same time, be rewarded for safe driving habits,” said Allstate’s senior product vice president, Ed Biemer.

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