Dog-Friendly Rides Named by Auto Insurance Co.

Dog eating in back of carA lot of people consider Fido an important family member. And, for some canine owners, finding a dog-friendly vehicle is just as important as finding a safe vehicle is for doting parents of a newborn.

To help sort through the myriad of vehicle options, auto insurance company AAA has developed a list of dog-accommodating cars.

For dogs that like to ride in style, the BMW 3 Series Wagon and Volvo XC60 top the list in the luxury market. Other top vehicles for dog owners include the Kia Soul and the Ford Escape Hybrid.

“More than 45 million households in the U.S. have a dog, and many are taking Fido along for the ride on a regular basis,” said AAA National Director of Auto Repair and Buying Services John Nielsen. “There [are] several vehicles with features that can help keep pets safe, comfortable and easy to clean-up after while also addressing other driver desires such as sportiness, adventure or luxury.”

AAA’s research team based its rankings on “crash test ratings, safety features, fuel economy, ease of animal ingress and egress, cargo area size, availability of tie-down hooks and easy-to-clean interiors.”

Regardless of what type of vehicle is driven, pets of all types should be secured in the back for their safety as well as the driver’s.

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  1. Danny the Shih-Tzu Advocate
    10. Oct, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

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  2. John Pirro
    15. Oct, 2010 at 9:24 am #

    When it comes to whether or not your pet is covered, it’s best to not leave it up to guesswork. Some states, like Connecticut, consider a dog to be property, and damages to a dog injured in an accident may be covered by the at-fault driver’s property damage liability policy. In other instances, a dog may be covered under a policyholder’s collision coverage. The best practice is to contact an agent directly in order to find out whether a pet is covered by a policy.

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