Auto Insurance Provider Creates New Website for Teens and Parents

Three female teens looking at computer screenAAA recently unveiled a new website aimed at empowering parents and their teen drivers by providing interactive features that allow them to walk through the process from getting a learner’s permit to solo licensed driving.

The insurance provider’s president and CEO, Robert Darbelent, says that parents play a large role in determining what kind of drivers their teens become.

“AAA recognizes the learning-to-drive process can be intimidating, particularly for today’s busy families. is a unique and comprehensive teen driver safety website that simplifies the process by offering parents the tools and resources they need as they progress through each stage of the process,” says Darbelnet. “This makes what can be a daunting task for parents and teens much easier to manage.”

Additionally, AAA has gone beyond offering parents and teens standard driving tips; the auto insurance company has created a series of webisodes based on the National Institutes of Health “Checkpoints” program to provide in-depth information on driving at night and distracted driving.

Darbelnet also says that he believes the educational material presented on the website will help teens and their parents.

“Our educational, programmatic and public outreach efforts have also engaged and supported parents and teens through each step of the learning-to-drive process,” says Darbelnet. “ represents another large step – putting these resources online where parents nationwide can access them.”

In addition to visiting websites like, parents and teens should consult other sources in order to best prepare themselves for purchasing initial insurance coverage and taking on the new level of responsibility of having a license. States have their own department of motor vehicle and insurance department web sites, which generally offer a variety of tips and guidelines for new motorists.

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