Car Insurance Provider Enters Joint Marketing Campaign to End Distracted Driving

Close-up of cell phone buttonsAuto insurance provider AAA and WebSafety are collaborating to help deter drivers from texting while driving. The two are embarking on a joint venture aimed at AAA Northwest Ohio members. If the program proves successful, there is the potential for expansion.

CellSafety Mobile has devised a special cell phone application that disables a phone’s texting and web-browsing capacity once its GPS system detects a vehicle is moving faster than 10 miles per hour.

AAA Northwest Ohio’s CEO and president, Bob Walters, says that the auto insurance company’s working with WebSafety will help make driving safer for all motorists.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that as much as 20 percent of all motor vehicle accidents in 2008 were the result of some form of distraction. A distraction can be anything ranging from eating and drinking to personal grooming behind the wheel. Cell phone use, however, is the form that has garnered the most attention recently.

WebSafety CEO Rowland Day says the phone application is one way to help prevent distracted driving.

“Drivers who text while driving are eight times more likely to cause an accident than drivers who don’t,” says Day. “How many more statistics do we need and how many more lives need to be lost to prove that texting while driving is dangerous? CellSafety provides a way to protect all drivers from this deadly social obsession.”

From Oct. 19 through Jan. 19 of next year, AAA Northwest Ohio members will be offered the use of CellSafety at a discounted rate. However, the cost of distracted driving can be priceless if the habit results in an expensive auto insurance surcharge.

WebSafety has said that its technology has proved useful for companies who equip company cell phones with the technology in order to prevent accidents and maintain cheap auto insurance rates.

In addition to prohibiting web and text use while in a moving vehicle, the application can also be used to prevent texting while in school and send notifications if inappropriate content is being transmitted over the phone.

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