Auto Insurance Co. Ramps up Efforts to Stop Distracted Driving

Man talking on phone while drivingAllstate auto insurance is now expanding their efforts to combat distracted driving with its new “DSGN8D TXTR” campaign. The goal of the campaign is to get young motorists to designate a passenger in the car to use the cell phone so the driver won’t be tempted to.

The insurance provider’s senior vice president of corporate relations, Joan Walker, says the movement resembles what was seen years ago in campaigns against impaired driving.

“Just like the ‘designated driver’ movement, this is about Americans taking responsibility behind the wheel in order to save lives,” says Walker. “By choosing a DSGN8D TXTR, drivers can keep two eyes on the road and their thumbs off the cell phone.”

The car insurance company points to studies that highlight the important role parents and peers can play in reducing risky behaviors while driving. Studies performed by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Allstate show that teens who have parents who set clear boundaries were 30 percent less likely to use their cell phone behind the wheel when compared with teens whose parents show less interest.

One of the studies’ co-author, Kenneth Ginsburg, notes the important role parents play in their teen’s driving habits.

“Once they’re behind the wheel, teens have ultimate responsibility for their behavior,” says Ginsburg. “But kids who said their parents set rules in a supportive way were half as likely to crash compared with teens who saw their parents as less involved.”

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